Whiplash Team, 24th February 2023

Best reads February 2023

Here you have a short selection of the best reads for brand lovers like you to enjoy over the weekend.

Brand evangelists, the best advertisers

Getting your customers to become brand evangelists is a big challenge. The key to achieve it is by using their user experience. An exceptional experience generates brand loyalty. (ES)

The new role of brands

The consumer bar is getting higher for brands. In addition to advertising their products, users expect brands to offer reliable information, to make a stand on the problems afflicting society, and to contribute to improving people’s lives. How to do it? Branding Strategy Insider explains how and why brands must become reliable sources of information in the era of fake news. (EN)

Five trends in the sustainable agenda for brands

2023 will be a year full of challenges in global markets. Euromonitor International analyses the trends that will shape the sustainability agenda for consumers and brands. Among its conclusions they highlight that those brands that help consumers adopt sustainable lifestyles will be better positioned. (EN)

What is productivity?

In this report, the McKinsey consultancy analyses productivity from various points of view. It reviews the reasons why productivity is falling in developed countries and explains why, for companies, the key to accelerating productivity lies in committing to the digital transition. (EN)

Reputation as an asset

Reputation is one of the most valuable assets for a brand. The effects of an online reputation crisis can be devastating and the cost very high. In this article PuroMarketing analyses the consequences of a reputational crisis in the digital age. (ES)

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