Whiplash Team, January 31st 2024

Best reads January 2024

To ensure you enjoy your weekend, we’re sharing a brief selection of must-reads for brand enthusiasts like you.

Google’s Doubts

Despite Google’s initial apparent clarity in using the name “Bard” as the central axis of its AI assistant branding, the introduction of “Gemini” has raised doubts about the name choice. Although Bard initially seemed to be the choice, the power of Gemini could alter the branding strategy. (ES)

Puig changes its corporate structure

As part of its preparations for a possible IPO, the Spanish perfumery company is making significant changes to its corporate structure. Puig, owner of renowned brands such as Carolina Herrera and Paco Rabanne, has experienced significant growth in 2022, closing with a record turnover. (ES)

ESG goals, a priority for brands

In this insightful article published by Brandingmag, the importance of brands maintaining their commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals despite political changes is emphasized. It notes that, even though some governments are stepping back from their ESG commitments, brands should not follow suit. The article highlights the opportunity for brands to build trust and loyalty by aligning with employees and customers who increasingly value ESG initiatives. (EN)

Four ways to grow a brand

This brief article explores theoretical and practical approaches to brand growth and introduces the concept of “Double Risk,” emphasizing the strong connection between brand penetration and loyalty. To achieve brand growth, the author advises attracting new customers, delivering a quality product to prevent customer defection, producing relevant advertising, and choosing media that reach a broad audience. For the author, the role of marketing is to maximize the number of people starting to buy the brand and ensure that existing customers continue to do so through effective brand building. (EN)

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