Whiplash Team, 31st March 2023

Best reads March 2023

Here is a short selection of the best reads for brand lovers like you to enjoy over the weekend.

Authenticity, unforgettable experiences, and fewer speeches

In this interesting article, PuroMarketing explores and explains the expectations that new generations of consumers have regarding brands. Advertising speeches for young people are a thing of the past. They look for authentic brands that connect with them, that are socially responsible and that offer them memorable experiences. (ES)

Can ChatGPT’s Artificial Intelligence take on the creative work of advertising?

Writing advertising scripts, jingles or taglines are some of the tasks that advertising creatives perform daily. Can Artificial Intelligence, today, do the work of creatives? BrandEquity reviews the results that some advertising professionals got when they put the bot to the test. (EN)

Remembering is what matters

In this article, published by Brandingmag, Nick Barthram, Founder and Strategic Partner of Firehaus, explains why brand builders should forget about immediate metrics and focus on making their brands memorable. When advertising messages focus on inviting consumers to think, feel or do, these messages ignore the fact that brands are memory retrieval devices. Therefore, the most crucial action they must provoke in their audience is to make them remember them. (EN)

Occident unifies the brands of Grupo Catalana

Grupo Catalana adopts the Occident brand to bring together the traditional business that currently operates through its brands Seguros Catalana Occidente, Plus Ultra Seguros, Seguros Bilbao and NorteHispana Seguros. (ES)

In Spain, the glass ceiling is still intact

The consulting firm McKinsey presents the report “Women matter, Spain” that analyses not only the role of women in the corporate world in our country, but also some of the reasons why there are still so few women in leadership positions. The results are part of a larger study entitled Women matter 2022, which surveyed 45 large companies in Spain and Portugal. (EN)

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