Whiplash Team, March 22nd 2024

Best reads March 2024

We share a brief selection of must-reads for brand enthusiasts like yourselves to enjoy during the week.

The Italian group Calzedonia changes its name to Oniverse

Calzedonia, the Italian group known for its lingerie and swimwear brands, has decided to change its name to Oniverse. The new denomination aims to respond to the group’s diversified interests, which in recent times has invested in sectors other than fashion. (ES)

Navigating between tradition and modernity: The complex world of brand design

Exploring the world of brand design is delving into a labyrinth of nuances. From the nostalgic experience of watching a match in the stadium to the cold reality of the commercial market, this article from Brandingmag highlights how a brand’s visual identity becomes a playground between tradition and modernity, craftsmanship and value manufacturing. Discover how brand design reflects the duality between aesthetic excellence and the need to adapt to the changing business landscape. (EN)

Adobe renews its design system

Adobe has announced the release of Spectrum 2, “the most significant update to our design system to date,” as the company expressed in a statement. Spectrum 2 aims to make Adobe’s tools more intuitive, inclusive, and easy to use on all platforms, making creativity possible for everyone. (ES)

The role of creativity in advertising

Advertising today faces a dilemma: the lack of creativity and its true impact on sales. With over 50% of the commercials in the 2024 Super Bowl featuring celebrities, it questions whether creativity has been sacrificed for glamour. However, true advertising creativity not only entertains but also sells. So why do so few ads offer a compelling message to drive sales? (EN)

Massimo Dutti refreshes its image

Massimo Dutti has a new logo. The brand refreshes its image and presents a new emblem that will be implemented in all customer touchpoints. For now, it can already be seen on the brand’s website or social media. (ES)

Decathlon proposes a new positioning for the brand

Decathlon renews its corporate identity. It does so by presenting a new logo for the brand, along with a new positioning and a new architecture for its brands and products. Additionally, the French group announces a new customer experience based on ‘digital first’. (ES)

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