Whiplash Team, May 31st, 2024

Best reads May 2024

We share a brief selection of must-reads for brand enthusiasts like yourselves to enjoy during the weekend.

The perfect synergy: brand narrative and thought leadership

Standing out in a saturated market requires more than simple marketing messages. Combining brand storytelling with thought leadership may be the key to significant impact. While emotional narratives deeply connect with the audience, establishing oneself as an industry expert strengthens credibility and authority. This dual approach not only enhances the essence of a brand but also positions it as a leader in its category. How to achieve this synergy? Through alignment with brand values, the use of storytelling techniques, authenticity, and active engagement with the audience. (EN)

Bringing brand experiences closer to people

This article on street marketing in PuroMarketing highlights street marketing strategy as an innovative way to directly connect with consumers in urban environments. Street marketing relies on creativity and surprise, leveraging public spaces to create memorable experiences that foster loyalty and brand recognition. Despite the rise of digital advertising, this technique remains relevant and effective, especially for its ability to generate interaction and virality on social media. Investment in this sector is expected to continue growing in the coming years. (ES)

The power of influencers in brand reputation

The power of social media to influence brand reputation is evident in the recent showdown between Chanel and influential businesswoman Bethenny Frankel. Frankel’s criticism of the luxury brand for discriminatory treatment in one of its stores has sparked a debate about the importance of aligning corporate values across all touchpoints. This incident highlights how the actions of an influencer can impact both public perception and brand reputation, underscoring the need for effective crisis management and a review of corporate policies to avoid negative perceptions on social media. (ES)

Interconnected rituals to energize the brand

Explore the intricate network of interconnected rituals that enhance the essence of brands in this article written by Patrick Hanlon for Brand Strategy Insider, delving into the basic components of the Primal Code®. From familiar routines of daily life to the digital realms of social media, rituals shape our beliefs and experiences, driving community engagement and advocacy. Discover how these rituals, from scrolling through feeds to online shopping, not only define our interactions but also craft brand narratives, offering seamless journeys and fostering connections. Join Hanlon in unraveling the importance of rituals in building belief systems and brand identities that resonate in the modern landscape. (EN)

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