Whiplash Team, 30th September 2022

Best reads September 2022

For your weekend enjoyment, we share a short selection of the month’s best reads for brand enthusiasts like you.

The importance of ESG criteria

In this interesting article published by Brandingmag, Perry Richman addresses the importance of adopting ESG criteria in private company’s operations. “ESG is a set of principles that guide the way a company operates. Being intentional and consistent builds trust and a favorable brand reputation and ensures that long-term value is created for everyone” he states. (EN)

Disconnection between marketing and creativity

“Clients and Creativity”, a new global study conducted by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) reveals that many marketers on the advertiser side do not prioritize creativity, despite acknowledging its power to deliver better results. (ES)

Adapting to inflation requires action

The consulting firm McKinsey analyses the actions that both the clothing industry and clothing stores should implement to avoid the upcoming inflation storm. (EN)

Brands matter

Although in recent years many reports, such as Havas Group’s Meaningful Brands, have revealed that 75% of brands could cease to exist tomorrow without anyone thinking it is relevant, Michael Duffy, Global Creative Director of Equator Design, explains in this Brandingmag article, why brands still matter. (ES)

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