Whiplash Team, September 29th, 2023

Best reads September 2023

To ensure you enjoy your weekend, we’re sharing a brief selection of best reads for brand enthusiasts like you.

Women’s Secret reveals the reality of underwear

The new campaign from the women’s underwear brand is titled “Mismatched” and humorously reveals that, in real life, unlike in advertisements, women often prioritize comfort over perfect lace ensembles. (ES)

Brands as revenue generators

In this latest installment of their “Brands in the Boardroom” series published by Brandingmag, Marc Cloosterman provides six reasons why we should prioritize brand strength for strictly financial reasons. (EN)

Spanish consumers prefer diversity

For 92% of consumers in Spain, diversity and inclusion are increasingly relevant, as revealed by the latest Ad Science study titled “Diversity and Inclusion Consumer Study.” According to the research, 62% of respondents believe that brands in our country should promote diversity and inclusion more. (ES)

The future of Coca-Cola created with artificial intelligence

Coca-Cola has traveled from the present to the future to introduce Coca-Cola 3000, the new limited-edition Zero Sugar flavor from its innovation platform, Coca-Cola Creations. The unique feature of this futuristic endeavor is that, for the first time, the flavor has been co-created with the support of artificial intelligence. The new flavor is rolling out in select markets worldwide, including Europe, the United States, Canada, China, and Africa. (ES)

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