Whiplash Team, April 12th 2024

Coca-Cola capitalizes on local interpretations of its logo with
a new advertising campaign

The new Coca-Cola campaign, “Every Coca-Cola is welcome,” celebrates local creativity and highlights the cultural importance of its iconic logo.

The philosopher Francis Bacon once said, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” That seems to be the principle behind the soft drink multinational Coca-Cola’s new campaign, “Every Coca-Cola is welcome.”

This campaign gathers and celebrates the diverse “perspectives” that have given rise to local interpretations of its iconic logo. These interpretations have adorned shops, bars, and unauthorized street murals for years.

Undoubtedly, the Coca-Cola logo – one of its most valuable intangible assets – is one of the most recognized worldwide, and in almost every corner of the planet, we can find it in “adaptations” made by small businesses, artists, and establishment owners.

An icon with over 100 years

The Coca-Cola logo has remained virtually unchanged since the 1880s when the first Coca-Cola logo in Spencerian script was registered at the United States Patent Office. Since then, the iconic logo has become part of popular culture and has been reused, remixed, and reimagined by the masses.

Today, under the “Every Coca-Cola is welcome” campaign, from posters to street murals, these unique versions become the stars, demonstrating the brand’s presence in mass culture.

With this campaign, Coca-Cola highlights its adaptability and deep cultural integration, while demonstrating how a global brand can maintain its relevance by recognizing and elevating local expressions and identities.

Campaign creators

The initiative, launched on March 28, is rolled out in Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Australia, and the United States. It was developed by VML and executed by OpenX, a WPP company, with the support of Essence Mediacom and Ogilvy PR.

“Every Coca-Cola is welcome” is presented through outdoor advertising in the five mentioned markets, as well as in print advertisements. Additionally, the campaign includes activations in Times Square in New York and physical brand touchpoints.

But it doesn’t stop there; it also incorporates content marketing through a series of documentaries that narrate the unique stories and experiences of local shop owners and their relationship with Coca-Cola.

A special experience

Islam El Dessouky, Global Vice President of Creative Strategy and Content at Coca-Cola, expressed, “It’s been amazing to see the unique and individual interpretations of the Coca-Cola logo. These images are very meaningful and impactful.”

Meanwhile, Rafael Pitanguy, Deputy Global Creative Director at VML, noted, “What makes this campaign special is that the Coca-Cola brand is being reinterpreted in every corner of the world through countless creative expressions.”

By joining other brands that have capitalized on interpretations of their corporate identities, such as Heinz with its campaigns “Draw Ketchup” and “Ketchup AI,” Coca-Cola reaffirms its commitment to authenticity and connection with its consumers worldwide.

This campaign not only celebrates local creativity but also highlights the brand’s cultural importance worldwide.

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