Whiplash Team, 10th February 2023

Consumers prefer sustainable products

As awareness of climate change grows, consumers are turning to sustainable products, even if they are more expensive, according to a report by the global e-commerce company Shopify.

Consumers are not willing to sacrifice their commitment to sustainability for a lower priced product. At least that’s what the results of a survey conducted by Shopify among 24,000 global consumers and 9,000 small and medium-sized businesses reveal.

According to the report, consumers are willing to invest in sustainable products and services. This shows that sustainability is an important factor when making decisions about what to buy.

Additionally, most of the companies surveyed affirm that the implementation of actions and measures to favour the sustainability of their products and services has had a positive impact on their performance.

More than half of the consumers (54%) say they choose their products at retailers that offer carbon-neutral shipping.

Also, they look for options that they consider positive for the planet, such as products of local origin, with a lower carbon footprint, recyclable products or products with ecological packaging.

The new generations drive the trend

The main drivers of this trend in responsible consumption are Millennials and members of Generation Z. Of these, 59% and 61%, respectively, say they buy sustainably. And almost a third of the total indicate that they plan to increase their purchases of organic products during 2023.

In short, buyers are willing to pay more for sustainable initiatives. For more than half of those surveyed said reducing carbon emissions is a priority over price.

Moreover, 26% of those surveyed say that businesses that are aligned with their sustainability values have a better chance of earning their loyalty.

“This report shows that climate awareness is driving purchasing decisions, even in tough economic times,” says Stacy Kauk, Shopify’s director of sustainability.

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