Whiplash Team, April 26th, 2024

Best reads April 2024

We share a brief selection of must-reads for brand enthusiasts like yourselves to enjoy during the weekend.

Corporate sustainability: transparency in the face of “greenwashing”

Businesses are grappling with the challenge of “greenwashing,” where genuine sustainability becomes crucial. The recent conflict between Iberdrola and Repsol underscores the need for transparent communication on the path to sustainability. Experts warn that merely appearing sustainable is no longer sufficient; it’s imperative to demonstrate it through concrete actions and genuine commitments. In this context, the question arises: What stage is the corporate transition towards sustainability in Spain? Amidst this debate, there is an urgent need for objective data and real commitments to drive sustainability effectively. (ES)

The remix culture: Generation Z and sonic branding

Generation Z has transformed the digital landscape, setting the pace for trends and redefining the rules of engagement for brands. With a critical eye for authenticity and an insatiable thirst for co-creation, these young people demand more than mere sales pitches. Thus, brands must adapt, and proprietary sonic branding emerges as a key tool to captivate this demanding audience. Discover how Generation Z is redefining sonic marketing and how brands can navigate this new territory to connect genuinely and effectively. (EN)

The “quiet ambition” redefines career success

“Quiet ambition” is emerging, challenging traditional leadership structures and redefining success beyond corporate hierarchy. This phenomenon, which prioritizes personal well-being over professional advancement, demands a review of organizational culture and labor policies. How do companies tackle this paradigm shift, and what are the implications for the future of work? (ES)

Brand differentiation in the AI era

Standing out from the crowd is the greatest challenge brands face. The pursuit of meaningful differentiation becomes an increasingly daunting task, especially in a future where quality attracts more quality, reducing variety and increasing the demand for innovation. In this context, the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) emerges as a potentially revolutionary tool, but its impact poses new challenges and opportunities for brands. In this article, Walker Smith, Chief Knowledge Officer of Brand & Marketing at Kantar, explores how the advancement of AI could redefine how brands identify, deliver, and maintain their differentiation in an increasingly homogeneous market. (EN)

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