Whiplash Team, 16th December 2022

Best reads December 2022

For you to enjoy over the holidays, here you have a short selection of the best articles for brand lovers like you. We look forward to seeing you back in January 2023!

The rational consumer

In this interesting article by Brandingmag, Hunter Thurman, president of the market research company Alpha Diver, analyses the rational behaviour of a segment of consumers, which in the case of the United States represents 32%. Thurman addresses the characteristics of this consumer profile and offers key activation tips to address this rational mindset versus buying. (EN)

Why do companies look for writers?

For some years now, organizations have been paying more attention to their narrative and their tone of voice as an essential part of the brand’s identity. The media company Cinco Días explains their experience of the “Escuela de Escritores”, which, for years, has trained employees of various companies in the art of writing, until it created a specific workshop. (ES)

From purpose to impact

The 8th edition of the Sustainable Brands Madrid meeting, which will be held on 23rd & 24th October ,2023, will deal with the transition of brands from purpose to impact under the motto “From Purpose driven brands to Impact brands”. (ES)

The six priorities of CEOs in 2023

The consulting firm McKinsey reflects on the events that have tested business leaders in 2022: rising inflation, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and ensuing war, energy insecurity, and a potential global recession. Organizations have opted for defensive agendas, says the consultancy in this report and wonders what managers’ priorities should be in these turbulent times. (EN)

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