Whiplash Team, December 15th 2023

Best reads December 2023

We share a brief selection of the best reads of the month for brand enthusiasts like you to enjoy during the holidays. We look forward to having you back in January 2024!

Adobe Stock and creative trends defining 2024

In this Reason Why article, creative trends that will shape 2024 are explored through the lens of Adobe Stock. The leading design platform shares predictions on emerging artistic directions and influences that will shape the world of graphic design and visual creativity in the coming year. From colors and styles to innovative concepts, the article provides valuable insights for designers, artists, and marketing professionals looking to stay at the forefront of creativity. (ES)

Cultivating brands from their core: strategies for growth

Branding Strategy Insider delves into the fundamental idea of building and growing brands from their essence. The article discusses key strategies for the sustainable growth of brands, emphasizing the importance of a strong and authentic identity. It offers a strategic perspective beyond conventional marketing tactics, focusing on building a strong connection between the brand and its audience from the core of its essence. (EN)

Key players in consumer goods in 2024: uncertainty, promotions, and private label

In this podcast episode from the economic newspaper El Economista, the key players and dynamics shaping the consumer goods sector in 2024 are analyzed. From economic uncertainty to promotion strategies and the growing relevance of private labels, the podcast provides a comprehensive view of the forces that will impact consumer decision-making and company strategies in this sector. (ES)

Content quality on social media: crucial in 2024

PuroMarketing emphasizes the crucial importance of content quality on social media in 2024. The article explores how information saturation and users’ limited attention make content quality a key brand differentiator. It offers advice and perspectives on how companies can stand out and build a significant presence on social media through high-quality content. (ES)

Trends in sustainability and CSR: A glimpse into the future

Aplanet examines emerging sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) trends expected to gain greater relevance in the coming years. The article highlights the growing importance of sustainability in business decision-making and how companies can adopt more responsible practices to address environmental and social concerns. It provides an inspiring vision for businesses seeking to align with sustainable and ethical values. (ES)

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