Whiplash Team, February 29th 2024

Best reads February 2024

To ensure you enjoy your weekend, we’re sharing a brief selection of must-reads for brand enthusiasts like you.

Recovery of Desire

Based on The Cocktail’s ‘Trends Review 2024’ research, this article published by Reason Why offers a detailed analysis of emerging trends that will influence consumer behavior in Spain this year. The research identifies seven major trends that will define the relationship between users and brands in 2024. Among them are aspects such as the route of desire and the revolt against screens. It highlights that after years of distrust and fatigue, consumers show signs of activation, albeit gradually and with a more proactive and expansive attitude. This change is based on the need to regain trust, which implies a desire for greater control over their consumption decisions. (ES)

Artificial Intelligence is changing consumer interaction

Branding Strategy Insider publishes this interesting article that presents a fresh perspective on generative artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on marketing. Instead of focusing solely on internal marketing creation and delivery processes, the author highlights that the critical change lies in how consumers interact with brands. It is noted that the emergence of technologies like ChatGPT will not only require better marketing solutions but also new ways of understanding how consumers use these tools. (EN)

The cost of poor employer branding beyond financials

This article published by Brandingmag addresses the impact and implications of poor employer branding, highlighting how it can negatively affect various aspects of an organization. From talent attraction to retention and interdepartmental relationships, an ineffective employer brand can have significant and costly ramifications. It points out that a poor employer brand fails to highlight the company’s differentiation, making it unattractive to potential candidates. In addition to the financial costs associated with developing an ineffective employer brand, the article examines the impact on the relationship between marketing and talent acquisition departments, recruiter trust, and the need to rely more on advertising and external agencies to fill vacancies. (EN)

How IKEA conquered the world

In this interesting profile of the Swedish company IKEA, Puro Marketing analyzes the keys that led the company to success and internationalization. The text explains how the brand has developed strategies to increase its sales, focusing on the design and presentation of its products, leaving nothing to chance, from the way it conceives users’ journey through its stores to guide them in such a way that they see all sections, to ingenious and fresh advertising that captivates everyone. (ES)

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