Whiplash Team, 30th June 2023

Best reads June 2023

Here you have a short selection of the best reads for brand lovers like you to enjoy over the weekend.

What makes Generation Z tick

Generation Z is finding its path. By 2025, members of this generation will make up 25% of the global workforce. Consulting firm McKinsey presents a report on what sets these 13 to 27-year-olds apart, both in the workplace and as consumers. (EN)

Apple seeks to register apples as a trademark

According to press reports, Apple, the technology company based in Cupertino, California, has been trying to register the apple (the fruit) as a trademark in Switzerland since 2017. It has also initiated similar processes in various countries in recent years. They submitted an application to the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI) to obtain intellectual property rights for a black and white representation of a Granny Smith apple. (ES)

Digitization is changing sponsorship in the world of football

PuroMarketing analyzes in this article the impact of digitization on how brands associate themselves with clubs and players. In Spain, football contributes around 3% of the Gross Domestic Product and generates about 40,000 direct jobs. According to the Sports Sponsorship Barometer 2022, prepared by SPSG Consulting, it has brought about a change in sponsorship strategies, as brands seek to leverage the potential of digital platforms to achieve their marketing objectives. (ES)

Socrates’ three filters and brands

This Brandingmag article highlights the importance of telling authentic and meaningful stories in brand marketing and suggests that to ensure the brand narrative resonates with the audience, it can apply Socrates’ “Three Filter Test”. (EN)

Inditex regains leadership in corporate reputation

According to Merco Empresas and Merco Líderes 2023 rankings, compiled by the Merco monitor, Inditex as a company, and Mercadona’s president Juan Roig as a business leader, are the leaders in corporate reputation in the country. Inditex, led by Marta Ortega, reclaims the top position in the list of companies, after losing it last year to Mercadona. (ES)

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