Whiplash Team, November 24th 2023

Best reads November

To ensure you enjoy your weekend, we’re sharing a brief selection of must-reads for brand enthusiasts like you.

Trends in branding, design, and UX

In 2024, we will witness a significant shift in branding, design, and UX. These trends will be shaped by the progression of emerging technologies and user expectations for websites. The critical demand lies in optimizing loading speed, improving accessibility, creating immersive experiences, and adopting modular designs. The article foresees companies gaining better expertise in artificial intelligence and interactive designs. (ES)

Brand personality is a key to success

This article explores the launch of Threads by Mark Zuckerberg as a competitor to the microblogging platform X (formerly Twitter). Despite quickly gaining 30 million users in the first hours and surpassing 100 million in five days, the platform experienced an 82% loss of that traffic in less than two months. In this article published by Brandingmad, brand strategy expert Gidyon Thompson reflects on the importance of brand personality and how the lack of an appealing personality in Zuckerberg’s products, from Facebook to Threads, may have contributed to the decline in interest. (EN)

2024: Continuity and Artificial Intelligence

This article from PuroMarketing analyzes what 2024 holds for marketing and advertising—a year marked by the continuity of prevailing trends in recent years and the increased prominence of Artificial Intelligence. (ES)

Branded content in 2024

This article from Rebold Marketing examines emerging trends in branded content for 2024, highlighting the importance of creativity, technology, and narrative in connecting with consumers in an ever-changing media environment. It emphasizes the relevance of technology-driven omnichannelity, real-time personalization, and artificial intelligence to provide unique experiences. Additionally, it underscores the growing influence of user-generated content (UGC) to build trust through real, unbiased experiences. (ES)

2024, a decisive year for corporate sustainability

Sustainability trends for 2024 are radically transforming the global corporate landscape. Companies are at the forefront of this revolution, driven by environmental, social, and governance (ESG) challenges. In this dynamic scenario, being a mere observer is no longer sufficient; organizations must play an active role, especially with the emergence of revolutionary technologies such as Climate-Positive technology and artificial intelligence. Stricter regulations and a growing demand for transparency from stakeholders add to the described dynamics. In this context, 2024 appears to be a decisive period for corporate sustainability. (EN)

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