Whiplash Team, 28th October, 2022

Best Reads October 2022

Here we share a short selectionof must-reads for brand enthusiasts like you, to enjoy over the weekend.

A Brand Strategy to Adapt to the Future

While business strategy remains firmly fixed on making money, brand strategy starts with building the brand to then help grow the business. A brand strategy is no longer just a vehicle delivering communications and experiences, it has become an essential lever for growth within companies. One that will help guide businesses for years to come and be the key to survival for legacy brands. (EN)

The Future Is Elastic

People are increasingly living elastically when it comes to shopping, consuming media and even living and working. They are stretching, flexing and twisting definitions. The organisations that will thrive in the future should align with peoples’ new expectations and behaviours by being elastic in their structure and approach. (EN)

Sustainable marketing to improve brand image

The message that business activity generates a positive impact on both the environment and society is an approach that is giving positive results in aspects such as reputation and brand image, and even sales, according to a recent report developed by Sortlist, a platform focused on connecting advertisers with digital agencies. (ES)

Sustainability directors, rising stars

Aware that we are navigating a new reality, large companies incorporated the figure of the Director of Sustainability or Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) into their management teams years ago. A trend that has been spreading throughout the whole system and now also reaches SMEs. (ES)

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