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The most valuable brands in the world in 2022

Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Samsung top the ranking of the world’s most valuable brands in Interbrand’s Best Global Brands 2022 report. Interbrand presents this report annually and uses three factors of brand strength when analysing: sense of direction, agility and engagement.

Technological companies remain at the top of the list of the most valuable brands, according to the annual Best Global Brands 2022 report by the global consultancy firm Interbrand which recently presented the twenty-third edition of this stream of research.

In 2022, Apple retains the title as the world’s most valuable brand for the tenth consecutive year, followed by Microsoft, which this year snatched second place from Amazon, which came in third in the ranking.

The rest of the top 10 companies are: Google (4) Samsung (5), Toyota (6), Coca-Cola (7), Mercedes-Benz (8), Disney (9) and Nike (10), which enters the top ten for the first time.

In this edition, Airbnb, Red Bull and the Chinese technology brand, Xiaomi, enter the ranking, while Uber, Zoom and the manufacturer of agricultural machinery, John Deere, are left out of the top 100.

Among the Spanish brands included in the list are Zara, which fell from 45th place in 2021 to 47th in 2022, and Santander, which also dropped two places from 74th to 76th in the same period.

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Brands grew more than ever

The total value of these 100 companies has grown by 16% since 2021 to reach 3,088,930 million US dollars (about 2,944,769.64 million euros), registering the highest growth rate to date.

According to Interbrand, this 16% increase in the total value of the ranking “demonstrates the growing contribution that brands have within a company to drive its economic success.”

The consultancy firm states in its summary of the report that “Although financial markets have shown significant changes in recent years, the value of the world’s strongest brands has steadily increased achieved by boosting the user’s purchasing decisions, their loyalty and the business margins.”.

The brands that have experienced the highest year-on-year percentage growth are Microsoft, Tesla and Chanel, whose brand value grew by 32%.

Analysis factors

Interbrand has more than 30 years of experience in delivering brand evaluation analysis, dating back to 1988. It was the first company to certify its evaluation method in accordance with the requirements of ISO 10668 (requirements for monetary valuation of brands) and played a key role in the development of the standard itself.

The research covers the period from June 1 2021 to May 30 2022and the analysis period ran from June to September 2022.

There are three key points of analysis that form the basis of this evaluation method:

  • The financial performance of branded products or services.
  • The role of the brand in purchasing decisions.
  • The competitive strength of the brand and its ability to build loyalty and therefore sustainable demand and profits in the future.

In addition, for the first time in the report’s history, Interbrand has incorporated into its method the role and impact of organisations’ environmental, social and governance activities to measure brand strength and value.

Other factors

Additionally, the consultancy uses three strength factors for its analysis of the value of brands:

Sense of Direction: Implies that they are brands that have a clear sense of direction. Brands that know where they are going and make sure that the entire organisation knows it and works towards the same goal.

Agility: Being clear about where they want to go means that they are brands that move quickly They launch new products and services onto the market and, when necessary, adapt to address the changing needs of customers.

Engagement: These are organisations that make people part of their journey, making them an active part of the movement to create an attractive brand world.

Thus, it is clear that, in order to achieve leadership, it is necessary for brands to have a clear and defined purpose that marks their sense of direction, top care for customer service and they ensure that  the entire organisation feels part of it.

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